5 Day UI Design Challenge

UI Onboarding Redesign

This is a personal project. Onboarding interface plays an important role in stimulating users' interests in using an App. I selected Apps with millions of users and redesigned their onboarding page.

#Day 1: NetEaseMusic Onboarding

NetEase Music is one of the most popular music players in China. The reasons that I choose NetEase Music to redesign include:

  1. Four millions of active users
  2. Everyone loves music
  3. My favorite music player

I did a small user study with my friends about Netease Music and summarized three distinctive features that Netease has:

  1. Everyday Recommendation
  2. Comment
  3. Powerful Database

Based on those features, I redesigned the onboarding UI.

#Day 2: NS Reisplanner Onboarding

Reisplanner is the one of the most popular Transportation App in Netherland. I use illustration to present the new app content.

#Day 3: Nike+ RunClub Onboarding

There are lots of people useNike+ Run Club for doing exerciese. I did a user study with my friends and found:

  1. The consistence of an App is a motivation for using since it has real-time synchronization.
  2. Recording of the Running shoes is a favorable feature.
  3. Social community is the motivation for doing sports.

I extracted the three features of Nike Run Club and made illustration as the onboarding page.

#Day 4: Starbuck Icon Design

This set of Icons are designed for booking on the App.

#Day 5: WeRead Onboarding Redesign

WeRead is one of the most popular reading App in China. Three reasons for choosing weRead are:

  1. Portable reading experience
  2. Resourceful bookstore
  3. Comment feature
Designed & Coded by Mengran